One comment on “[Review] Victorious

  1. Believe, as a contributing “review editor” who saw absolutely ZERO of my edit mistakes I turned in addressed in the print version, I can at least tell you who to lay the editing mistakes at the feet of, Steve Chenault. I know at least 100 mistakes were identified by several of us, and as you can see, none of them were addressed. As for the setting itself, I see what your saying, but “Steam Punk” is purely cosmetic. Like for my campaign, I have added a event that caused Supers to suddenly start appearing. An event greatly inspired by a similar event used in the Rifts setting by Paladium, and the setting of Rune Punk, but not so world altering as it was in thsoe settings. Yet it could become that world altering in the future.

    As for the “Steam Punk” elements so necessary to such a setting, that all comes in the descriptions of the characters and the world around them. Just how does their clothing and gear look? Just how does the technology around them appear to be based upon? Fortunately, the internet gives us thousands of images to use to reinforce such descriptive trappings. The most common being images of a Steam Punk Iron Man, which I always find extremely cool looking.

    As for the powers, I like how you can “build” them. Again, much like your gear, how you describe the effects is everything. Whether your power manifests as cold, fire, invisible pure force, or whatever else you imagine, is all up to you to describe and define the specifics of. All the rules worry about are the rules, the mechanics, your powers follow. Which I like, and so do my players. It enables them to do great customization’s of their characters, even when the power is based upon the same thing.

    As for skills, I do have a problem with the first buy in, especially if its related to their Prime. As a SIEGE follower/user for the last 12 years, I have fully bought in to skills being based upon your attributes and whether they are Prime or not. So in my games I think one of my first House Rules is going to be that you always add your level to any skill related attribute check, and the skill buys just reflect a focus that gives you additional bonus’ beyond what your level gives. IE, the base line will be just as it is in the SIEGE engine, with the Victorious rules adding in a way to focus, and further enhance, your expertise in specific skill areas.

    Over all, I am greatly enjoying hwo the rules work, but as you say, the editing errors that were NEVER addressed, can be irritating, but I have yet to find any that keep me from figuring out the intent of the rules.

    Another big rule change you may want to point out to your readers is that damage is assumed to be Sub dual in Victorious. You also seem to indicate that Hit Points are related to the Class chosen. They are not. HP for everyone is CON x2 at first level, then 1d4+ CON modifier each level there after. You may also want to mention how XP values for custom built characters is determined, which is a base of 1,000 + 100 per power you begin with.


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