Q&A Format

To keep me from having to re-type this at every Q&A, I’m instead going to refer our guests here. 🙂

The only suggested preparation for the Q&A is having a character sheet available for viewing, if applicable. This helps with system discussion.

It’s best to use some variation of your real name as your nick during the Q&A, since I’ll be referring to you using auto-fill. You can change your nick using the /nick command; e.g., /nick Dan.

I will flag the beginning of the Q&A with “—————“, then ask you to introduce yourself and your product. You can say as much or as little as you like, giving us a “(done)” when you’re ready for questions.

You may also want to give us a “(done)” after long, multi-post answers, but this is strictly optional. You do not need to say “(done)” after every answer.

During the Q&A, I will call for a question pause after 2-3 unanswered questions to give guests time to catch up.

While Q&As are two hours in length, guests are always welcome to stay as long as they like after this time, whether to continue to answer questions or to just hang out. Game authors are always welcome to discuss their products at Randomworlds. A Q&A simply means that one author has the floor for the duration.

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