6 comments on “[Q&A] Darrell Hayhurst (Torg Eternity)

  1. Silverlion: No Superscience/Lasers and Rayguns invader? (I came late, sorry) JohnC: How long do you have the near news plotted out?
    JohnK: TorgDarrell: Now, that’s just neat…! So many character concepts coming to my head…but alas and alack, no villains! Yet!
    TorgDean: I’ll stick around for a bit if there are more questions.
    TorgDarell: Lots of Rayguns in the Nile Empire. (Dean, there’s one about how long you have it plotted.)
    TorgDean: Currently we have it plotted out until Day 30ish, at least in detail.
    TorgDarrell: Localization I can’t answer…we’d love to have lots of languages supported.
    TorgDean: So basically for the KS but I think we will be continuing it after, just at a slower pace.
    Will: Then my (RL) sister turned out to have been converted into a Nile villain. Heh heh. With Magic Eyes
    JohnC: Thanks
    TorgDarrell: Ha!
    Will: And the time cyberpapists shot up my mom’s minivan that I had borrowed
    TorgBacker: TorgDean, if Ross has the Living Land..do you have a “pet” Cosm that you like and/or will be writing for?
    TorgBacker: Same for you TorgDarrell
    TorgDean: Yes. I’m the author of the Nile Empire book.
    Will: (My family lives juuuust outside the boundary to the Living Land in Massachusetts, we mapped it)
    JohnK: TorgDarrell: You answered all of my queries, thank you for that! And thanks for offering to do this with Dan and the rest of us tonight. Thanks, again.
    Dan: TorgDarrell: Here you go: https://gmshoe.wordpress.com/2017/06/22/qa-darrell-hayhurst-torg-eternity/
    TorgDarrell: Cyberpapacy for me.
    TorgDarrell: You’re welcome, thanks for your time and interest!
    TorgDean: I was gonna fight him for that one but he’s got better ideas for it than I do.
    TorgDarrell: Thanks Dan!
    TorgBacker: My two favorites ( but the Papacy wins out!!)
    JohnK: TorgDarrell: I’m just jonesing to run this game, now! But I’ll be patient!
    TorgDean: My favorite cosms are the Nile Empire, the Cyberpapacy, and Orrorsh.
    Dan: Oh, standard reminder: My tip jar is at https://gmshoe.wordpress.com/the-gmshoes-tip-jar/ for those so inclined.
    JohnK: TorgDean: I also want to commend you for the work you’re doing with the Near Now News! Great stuff!
    TorgBacker: Thank you guys! And Thanks to Dan for hosting the chat. I don’t usually come to RPGnet. This was cool and well run.
    Will: I even used to have that Nile book where you could do flowchart magic to design magic buildings
    Will: That was… odd
    Dan: Please come by any time! We’re always open.
    MarkHope: Thanks guys – really cool Q&A
    TorgDean: Thanks! It’s been fun. Ever since Bioware did it for the Mass Effect 3 launch I knew that we had to do it too.
    Dan: That goes for all of you who joined us!
    Dan: We’re a fun group.
    JohnK: Time for me to call it a night… My eyelids are drooping.
    EggEmbry: Thanks. I enjoyed this.
    Dan: Bye, JohnK!
    JohnK: Thanks for hosting this, Dan, and for keeping control of us rowdy TORGheads!
    Alukar42: Thanks a lot. Looks like an aweaome game.
    Dan: Oh, for those interested, Craig over there has a game of his own that he’ll be doing a Q&A for.
    JohnK: Night, all.
    Will: Oh, random other queston… how easy would it be to create new cosms with core rules?
    Silverlion: No Space Rangers, sigh!
    Dan: TorgDarrell: Who would be the go-to person regarding review copies of Torg products?
    Will: My Torg gamer friends did a lot of weird experiments,k including some which rewrote the core story
    +++ ChanServ has given voice to Guest84
    Dan: Welcome to #rpgnet, Guest84!
    TorgDean: I don’t think it’d be too difficult. Basically come up with four axioms, three World Laws, two of which would have some ‘mechanical’ hook. Other than that you’d want to do cosm cards too.
    TorgDarrell: Dan, either me or Eric Simon probably
    TorgDarrell: Do you mean the Rocket Rangers? We had to save something for the sourcebook.
    Dan: TorgDarrell: Cool. I’ll touch base when the game comes out, then. I’m a long-time reviewer (130-something at last count) and love me some Torg.
    Will: My favorite house World Law was for a mythic Russia thing, and it was simple: a Possibility rated Russian could invoke the Martyr card at any time.
    TorgDean: I think people will like the Rocket Ranger Perk…for a preview look at the Dragon Warrior Perk.
    +++ ChanServ has given voice to Guest06
    Dan: Rocket Rangers for the win!
    Johnc: Rocketeer, Rocketeer
    Will: Are the One on Many rules still there?
    Dan: (Welcome to #rpgnet, Guest06!)
    TorgBacker: Night folks, thanks!
    TorgDean: It’s simplified. Basically -2 for each additional target.
    Will nods
    TorgDean: It makes the number of mooks more manageable.
    MarkHope: That perk looks fun – we have a rocket ranger in our game
    Will: I like the bonus damage die rule. I’m somewhat… math allergic to doing a lot of subtraction or whatnot with a core die
    Dan: Do you keep all the forms of damage?
    TorgDean: @Will Yeah that’s a pretty big reason why it’s there. It’s kinda the glue that allows us to have just three Success Levels.
    TorgDean: @Dan No, it’s all one form, or more to the point, all forms have the same effect.
    TorgDarrell: I gotta drop off and grab dinner. Glad you got here in time Dean.
    TorgDean: See ya!
    Dan: Take care, TorgDarrell!
    TorgDean: I’ll stick around for a bit though.
    Dan: Thanks again!
    TorgDarrell: Thank you!
    MarkHope: Thanks again Darrell
    Will: Random funny Torg story. I played a old west gunslinger type guy. (Prodigy firearms or something)
    Dan: TorgDean: You really have been doing a great job with the tweets.
    Will: And at one point we had to ride horses. Well… I had absolute nada in Ride.
    TorgDean: Thanks @Dan!
    Will: I got exploding dice and everyone thought I was joking about not knowing how to ride…
    Rod: Is there any consideration for a shared-world campaign? Or is that what Infiniverse would be?
    Silverlion: Are the dice going to be loaded this time? (Unintentionally last time, but still.)
    Dan: TorgDean: I’m sure you’re tired of answering this, but what’s the ETA of the game?
    TorgDean: @Silverlion: Gosh I hope not.
    Dan still has his original Eternity Shard die.
    Silverlion: Hey mine was loaded for 10’s and 20’s (so hehehe..) Shame I mostly Gmed.
    TorgDean: @Dan: The PDF of the core book should be out shortly after the end of the Kickstarter. Print run delivery currently is scheduled for October.
    Dan: Awesome.
    Silverlion: Friends had one that 19/11 and 17/3? I think
    Will: Do you guys have movie rights?
    TorgDean: I’m pretty sure we do.
    Rod: How easy is it to create customized templates?
    TorgDean: Easy peasy.
    Rod: What about converting PCs from the previous game? Any guidance there?
    Dan: I was happy to hear that Super Attribute and Super Skill will be in the core now.
    TorgDean: That, not as much. I’d reduce the attributes across the board by one. There’s going to be a soft limit of +5 adds to a skill, and a hard limit of +8 adds if you take a certain Perk. It’s Perks that’ll be the big difference.
    JohnC: So should we expect the living Land Kickstarter around the time the print stuff ships in October?
    Will: Torg would so make a great wheelhouse for zany action movies
    MonkofLords: Where’s the logs?
    TorgDean: That I don’t know. I suspect it’ll happen when we’re pretty close to finishing up the first three books, but that’s just informed speculation on my part.
    MonkofLords: Found it!
    JohnC: Torg would make a great MMORPG.
    Will: ‘He’s a wizard with a bad tendency to ignite people he doesn’t like, she’s a lizard huntress who scalps demons, THEY FIGHT CRIME’
    Will: I… yeah, it would
    Will: You could just put all sorts of crazy levels in
    Dan: Are there any plans to have more Asyle races available to play this time around?
    Will: I may have missed it, but how do you handle the ‘uh, my heart is Tech 25’ issue and naturally bigger/tougher/whatever beings like ogres (sparked by Dan’s comment)
    TorgDean: That I’m not sure about. The main thing is that we’re not planning (AFAIK) to have ‘monster’ playable races. I’m not sure if that includes giants or not.
    +++ ChanServ has given voice to Drew
    TorgDean: But that was something discussed a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time ago and may not be the case now.
    Dan nods
    JohnC: Ogres not as tough as the King Kong sized Giants from nearnow news
    TorgDean: But so far we’ve focused on the Nile and Living Land, Aysle hasn’t seen as much work yet.
    Dan: Will the Terran Martians be back?
    Dan: I love those guys.
    TorgDean: @Will A few ways. First, we’re not including rules for buying cyberhearts. So if you want to do that, it’s your funeral.
    TorgDean: @Will But the big one is that if you transform, a cyberheart transforms too. You’re not going to die that way.
    TorgDean: @Will But those folks who disconnect with a cyberheart better hope they either reconnect quick or transform.
    TorgDean: @JohnC No, that GIANT was a special one.
    TorgDean: The typical giants haven’t changed from Original Torg.
    JohnC: Aah ok
    Will nods.
    TorgDean: @Dan They’re not back in the Nile Empire book. Maybe if and when we do the “Home Cosm” products in the future.
    Will: Do you still have the thing where if you perform a miracle on someone of a different religion, there’s a clash?
    Dan nods
    Will: I ended up killing a bunch of poor innocent people before I figured out why healing didn’t work on them.
    TorgDean: @Will. No, that was one of the things we decided added too much complexity.
    Will: Well, and one nasty cyberpapists, so nuts to him
    Will: Ah, cool
    TorgDean: But it is harder to invoke on them.
    Will: Fair enough
    Will: I assume from the sounds of balance stuff that stacking bonuses are curbed?
    TorgDean: Yes.
    Will: We ended up with a TK guy who figured out he could lob ocean liners.
    Will: His magic bonus plus my long-running faith bonus (I forget what it’s called, but the ‘hey, have a lot of one of your stats’ thing), and wowzers.
    Dan: Oh, I think TorgDarrell missed one question I had: Are there mutants in Tharkold?
    TorgDean: It was something we slowly ended up at though. Originally we didn’t limit the stacking, then we limited it to ‘spell’, but then we realized you could have psionics and miracles stack too and then we decided it was getting too crazy.
    TorgDean: @Dan Yes there are.
    Will: Yep. We weren’t even trying hard to break it, but it’s an obvious breakpoint
    TorgDean: I just double checked to make sure stacking hadn’t changed and it hasn’t.
    TorgDean: There have been some changes in the rulebook since the previews went out, based on feedback and playtesting.
    Will: Honestly, you guys have made some really smart design decisions and that’s heartening
    TorgDean: Some things were obvious, some not so much. Lots of iterations.
    TorgDean: One thing I think served us well is that we had a good push-pull dynamic going on. Some of us felt really strongly about certain things, some of us wanted to change things more, but got pulled back.
    TorgDean: My personal issues were the ‘atheism countering miracles’ thing, using ranged weapons in close combat, and the minimum +1 bonus at point blank range.
    Dan: I need to turn in for the night, but I do hope you guys will hang out with us again in the future!
    TorgDean: Sure thing. I should get going too, but I’ll take one last question from each?
    Johnc: Will the adventures books in each wave only have adventures for that cosm?
    MonkofLords: I am excite
    TorgDean: @JohnC The planned ones yes. But I don’t know if there will be stretch goals that go beyond that.
    JohnC: Thanks
    TorgDean: Basically those adventures are going to be a “Tour the Living Land” sorta thing. Highlighting the cool stuff in that cosm.
    MonkofLords: I’m still debating whether or not to go full Cargo Crate
    JohnC: Time to start saving for those books and stretch goals😬
    Torgdean: It’s starting to get full of cool stuff. $290,000 and $310,000 are IMO going to really up the value.
    JohnC: Monk only thing extra so far cost wise are the miniatures if you get the crate.
    JohnC: We should hit last novelette tonight
    JohnC: How high past the 310000 did you have planned stretch goals?
    MonkofLords: Cool
    TorgDean: @JohnC Pretty high. We’ve got some pie-in-the-sky stuff but I don’t think we’ll hit them.
    Rod: Any chance you can share the most outrageous, pie-in-the-sky goal?
    TorgDean: I’m hoping when we hit $290K and $310K people will start going, “Okay, yeah, that Cargo Box really is good”.
    JohnC: Yeah from what I hear last couple days can have no jump or huge jumps no way to tell
    TorgDean: Can’t, sorry.
    JohnC: Actually I would only want to know if it looked like we have a shot
    TorgDean: Yeah, I don’t think we do.
    JohnC: Does money added during pledge manager count towards goals
    JohnC: ?
    Rod: Hell, I’d just love to hit the Infiniverse. I play a lot of organized campaigns, and I would love to see Torg do that. Hell, I organize and run conventions, so organizing some Torg conventions in Atlanta would be so sweet.
    TorgDean: I don’t think it does.
    TorgDean: That’s why its important if you already know what you want now, to up the pledge.
    TorgDean: But wait…I might be wrong on that.
    TorgDean: I’m thinking from being a Kickstarter backer. I actually don’t know.
    Will unidles from kidstuff
    TorgDean: So yeah, disregard. I don’t know the answer to that.
    TorgDean: I don’t know if Darrell talked about Organized Play or not, but he’s basically the one in charge of that.
    JohnC: I have a feeling a lot haven’t added the money for add on yet
    Will: ‘personal issues atheism countering miracles’ being you think they should, or shouldn’t?
    Torgdean: Shouldn’t.
    TorgDean: Gist is that’s an ‘anti-theist’.
    JohnC: Closest thing to infiniverse so far will be one of the Gen Con run games and choices made during it.
    Will: As an atheist, I mostly agree. Except maybe in some convoluted cases where people are religiously atheist or something, but I’m not sure about the details of the divine connection etc in the rules.
    +++ ChanServ has given voice to Craig
    TorgDean: Yup, I’m an atheist too. Hence my feelings on it.
    Will: Huzzah.
    Will: I mean, if an atheist CAN counter miracles you go down a rabbit hole of ‘I believe in scratch tickets, does that counter miracles?’
    TorgDean: Basically, I pointed at the definition in the Original Torg rules and said, “We aren’t like that.”
    +++ ChanServ has given voice to Guest
    *** Guest is now known as BPIJonathan
    TorgDean: I mean, if I was an atheist in this world, and we had Cyberpriests invoking hellfire and such? I……would have doubts that I was right.
    TorgDean: Alright guys, I need to head out, nice talking to you!
    JohnC: Thanks again for doing this
    JohnC: Time for sleep lol
    Guest09: Other Kickstarters I done The pledge manager did count towards goals.


  2. For some reason names didn’t copy over in first comment so had to manually add them all in second comment.


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