3 comments on “[Review] Alien RPG

  1. If the game is half as entertaining as your review then it’s a winner! Oddly, whilst I love the first two Alien movies, (and have seen them more often than I probably should have) and can tolerate the 3rd, my love ends there for the franchise. (Don’t get me started on the sequels.)

    I don’t find the prospect of roleplaying in this universe much fun. It’s all a bit grim and it seems that your character choices are limited to roles you might see in the films? Which makes me think – why not just play the boardgame or a homebrew wargame with Xeno figures? I’ve seen this rulebook in the flesh and it is well crafted and every page says Alien. An an RPG however, I feel it’s too narrowly focused to entice me onboard.


    • Fair observations, Stephen!

      Generally speaking, I agree with you about narrowly-focused games. Zombie games, for example, didn’t appeal to me until All Flesh Must Be Eaten introduced supplements that made zombies a major setting element, but not the exclusive one.

      That’s doubly the case with the Alien RPG. The Xenomorphs don’t even need to show up if you want to play a gritty, fairly hard sci-fi setting that includes alien fauna and a vanished advanced race.

      Of course, if that doesn’t sound appealing, either, then this definitely isn’t the game for you. 🙂


      • Sounds like they have tried to frame the larger world but the limited character type rooster seems to undo that intention. Why play this over a hard-edged game of Traveller or Altered Carbon? For me, this looks like a focused game thematically. Were there not excellent board game options available for the Alien world it might be of more interest to me personally to scratch the Alien itch but as there are… that’s where my eyes are more drawn to. Again, excellent review.

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