3 comments on “[Review] Art of Wuxia

  1. Great review — an accurate summary of the game system and its wuxia flavor. I have had this game for a few months now and have run it for my sons and their friends. They were strictly a D&D 5e group, but they have had their eyes opened and they love the game, the genre and the system. We’ll usually watch a movie like The Forbidden Kingdom or Hero to set the tone and then play an adventure.

    Your review’s last paragraph really sums up the game nicely. Well worth obtaining and playing.

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  2. This game was designed to get people into wuxia. I’m thrilled to read that it is doing just that.

    Here is a creature I made for a game I just ran last night.

    Shadow Blood Serpents
    These terrifying demons appear as large smokey serpents with the heads of lions. Their eyes glow red. They hunger for the death of mortals. Ming sorcerers would bind these demons to guard certain locations.
    STR 30 BP 30 Rank 2
    DEX 65 INIT 2 Nature Evil
    LOG 20 DR 0
    WIL 30 MOV 15 (fly) Travel 15 Leagues
    Bite 65%, 2D, +Bleeding Condition (special effect – the blood turns into a black vapor as soon as it leaves the wound, the Shadow Blood Serpents appear to inhale this smoke-like substance)
    Demon – affected normally by magic weapons and spells (half damage from all other attacks).


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