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[Q&A] Megan Bennett-Burks (A Far Off Land)


[20:00] <+Bennett-Burks> Hi all, I’m Megan Bennett-Burks, co-author along with Jacob Possin of A Far Off Land which is presently Kickstarting

[20:00] <+Bennett-Burks> A Far Off Land is “An RPG for Fate in Two Worlds, where the players are shapeshifting demigod like beings caught between the many Fated Factions and Eldritch Courts”

[20:00] <+Bennett-Burks> (Link:

[20:01] <+Bennett-Burks> I also wrote Leaves of Chiaroscuro, and Jacob Possin co-authored Jadepunk and is a contributor to the Fate Codex

[20:01] <+Bennett-Burks> you are welcome to ask Jacob and I any questions related to the Kickstarter, and RPG related things.

[20:02] <+Bennett-Burks> anyhow that’s the end of my introduction.

[20:02] <~Dan> Thanks, Bennett-Burks! The floor is open to questions!

[20:03] <~Dan> What are the worlds like in the setting?

[20:04] <+Bennett-Burks> There are two worlds, one appears, on the surface to be identical to our own world, during present day.  It is deceptively mundane, as hidden magic, and hidden horrors lurk below the surface. The other world is the Far Off Land of wonders, magic, and eldritch beings

[20:04] <+Bennett-Burks> The Far Off Land includes many realms, from Asgard, to Duat, to Wonderland

[20:05] <+Bennett-Burks> The Fated Factions hold power in “The Cage” which is “our” world, the Eldritch Courts hold sway in the Far Off Land, or at least that is how the balance of power has tended to be

[20:05] <+Bennett-Burks> It is for Fate as well, though we hope to do PbtA rules

[20:06] <~Dan> What are the Fated Factions and the Eldritch Courts?

[20:06] <+OmnusI> Does your game have any new mechanics or twists unique to itself?

[20:06] <+Bennett-Burks> The Fated Factions are organizations that the Fated (which is what the PCs are, demigod like shapeshifting beings) created themselves, to give them support in The Cage and to help protect the two worlds

[20:07] <+Bennett-Burks> the Eldritch Courts are what remains of the ancient pantheons of gods and legendary beings, and have their own agendas.

[20:07] <+Bennett-Burks> The game does have some unique mechanics

[20:07] <+Bennett-Burks> I’ll go over them, just a min

[20:07] <+Bennett-Burks> so we have a magic system oriented around the four elements, and it works differently depending on A: what world you are in B: whether you are tapping into the power of your passions or your divine blood

[20:08] <+Bennett-Burks> We also have two-world stunts, which are Fate stunts that work differently depending on if you are in The Cage, or in The Far Off Land

[20:08] <+Bennett-Burks> monsters and magic artifacts also have their own rules, monsters are handled slightly differently than in standard Fate Core

[20:09] <+Bennett-Burks> I just lost connection for a second, hopefully I didn’t miss anything

[20:09] <+OmnusI> Same here

[20:09] <+OmnusI> Serverquake!

[20:09] <~Dan> Nope!

[20:09] <+Bennett-Burks> hmm, maybe it’s the chat

[20:09] <+Bennett-Burks> ah

[20:09] <+JacobPossin> me too

[20:09] <~Dan> Only OmnusI showed as logged off.

[20:09] <+Bennett-Burks> yeah, Red got booted as well

[20:10] <~Dan> Hmm. So he did.

[20:10] <+Bennett-Burks> yeah

[20:11] <+Bennett-Burks> more questions?

[20:12] <~Dan> How are monsters handled differently?

[20:12] <+Bennett-Burks> so, in Fate core NPCs have the same skillset, in this we totally scrapped that and instead monsters are given things they are good and bad at, and a rating (which gives a bonus to rolls when that thing is applicable)

[20:13] <~Dan> (wb, OmnusI)

[20:13] <+OmnusI> Thanks grr

[20:13] <+Bennett-Burks> so for instance, a scary monster might be “good at frightening young children” but “bad at being nice” for a really generic example

[20:13] <+Bennett-Burks> I’ll dig up a good one, a min

[20:13] * ~Dan nods

[20:14] <+Bennett-Burks> Storm of Duat Concept: Deadly supernatural storm Skilled at: Unleashing Stormy Destruction +4 Bad at: Noticing Things Actively Hiding  -2, Entering Ancient Duat Structures -1 Stress: 4 Special: The storms are immune to non-magical sources of damage.

[20:14] <+Bennett-Burks> is a stat block for one monster (obviously not formatted here)

[20:15] <+Bennett-Burks> it also I think will make it easier to use them outside of Fate, at least with rules light to medium systems

[20:15] <~Dan> (Welcome to #rpgnet, MisterSister!)

[20:15] <+Bennett-Burks> since, the focus is one what they can do well or not, and their special capabilities, and they aren’t overly complex

[20:15] <+Bennett-Burks> hi MisterSister

[20:15] <~Dan> Was that the reason for going that route?

[20:16] <+Bennett-Burks> Jacob Possin and I are here, and you are welcome to ask us questions!

[20:16] <+JacobPossin> We found that route easier to create on the fly and easier to rememebr. At least for me

[20:16] <+Bennett-Burks> definitely

[20:16] <+Bennett-Burks> and I think it better defines what monsters can do, where as the standard skills represent things better for PCs and things that are more humanlike

[20:17] <+Bennett-Burks> at least in this setting

[20:17] <~Dan> What sorts of monsters exist in the Cage?

[20:17] <+OmnusI> Did you ever flirt with the idea of creating a crossover for something like 5e D&D for more exposure?

[20:18] <+Bennett-Burks> so, most of the are not “of the Cage” but there’s dragons and giants sleeping imprisoned in the Cage, and you REALLY don’t want them to wake up

[20:18] <+JacobPossin> Most monsters wish to get to the Cage so they can harvest magic and do the big stuff.

[20:18] <+JacobPossin> Magic is easier and more plentiful in the Cage

[20:19] <+Bennett-Burks> the Far Off Land has just about every manner of creature though… goblins, tengu, mermaids, ancient gods and things that were gods long ago

[20:19] <+Bennett-Burks> etc…

[20:19] <+Bennett-Burks> as far as 5e

[20:19] <~Dan> Wait… If magic is easier and more plentiful in the Cage, why does it appear to be like our own world?

[20:19] <+Bennett-Burks> I had thought about other systems, but it would take a lot to make the setting work with 5e, or 3e

[20:20] <~Dan> Oh dear.

[20:20] <~Dan> wb, Bennett-Burks

[20:21] <+OmnusI> wb

[20:21] <+Bennett-Burks> oof I just got kicked

[20:21] <+Bennett-Burks> a minute and I’ll go over the thing about the cage

[20:21] <&Akyla> how about Savage Worlds as a setting?

[20:22] <&Akyla> system i mean

[20:22] <+Bennett-Burks> so, The Cage was the world originally created  by the primordial Giants, beings of vast magic.  Their world naturally was very magic, they later created the gods, and much as you see in the ancient Greek religion for example, these primordial beings were overthrown, and became sort of part of their own creation.  The gods found out that magic only grows

[20:22] <+Bennett-Burks> in the world

[20:22] <+Bennett-Burks> so they created Dragons both to eat magic to keep it in check, and to act as ward for the dragons

[20:23] <+Bennett-Burks> but the dragons… became a huge problem to and were put to sleep (long story).  Now the Fated and other things try to keep the Cage seeming mundane, because if they fail dragons, and then maybe Giants will wake up

[20:23] <+Bennett-Burks> Onto Savage Worlds

[20:23] <~Dan> They created dragons to act as a ward for the dragons?

[20:23] <+Bennett-Burks> a min

[20:23] <+Bennett-Burks> for the Giants

[20:23] <+Bennett-Burks> sorry

[20:23] <+Bennett-Burks> I was typing too fast

[20:23] <~Dan> Ah!

[20:23] <+JacobPossin> Basically magic breaks the laws of physics, it is a perpetual motion machine. When you use it, it create more of itself. This leads to problems ove the long tem

[20:23] <+Bennett-Burks> yep

[20:23] <+JacobPossin> over the long term

[20:23] <+Bennett-Burks> and The Cage has that problem along with being used as a prison for big bads basically

[20:24] <+JacobPossin> So the gods made dragons to eat magic and keep it stable.

[20:24] <+Bennett-Burks> so Savage Worlds, honestly I’ve had a hard time getting into the system, I think it wouldn’t be too hard to make this for it though

[20:24] <+JacobPossin> The dragons began to eat the gods instead as the sources of great magic

[20:24] <+Bennett-Burks> in fact it probably would be pretty easy to do without too much change to the rules

[20:24] <+Bennett-Burks> Jacob’s explanation is probably better than mine

[20:25] <+JacobPossin> Basically use too much magic in the cage and the dragons wake up and everyone dies

[20:25] <+OmnusI> So how do you handle that in-game?  How do you do too much magic?

[20:26] <~Dan> So creatures come over from A Far Off Land to use magic because they don’t care what happens to The Cage?

[20:26] <+Bennett-Burks> every location in the world has a stress track

[20:26] <+Bennett-Burks> when magic (of most but not all types) is used, it does damage to the world.  When the location takes enough stress to be taken out, a dragon wakes up.

[20:27] <+Bennett-Burks> at first it is whatever dragon is closest and/or weakest which wakes up. One waking up is pretty bad, think epic kaiju battle, if more do, really really bad

[20:28] <+OmnusI> Do the PCs have the power to win one of those battles?

[20:29] <+Bennett-Burks> but fighting dragons is less the focus of the game (until if and when it happens) than all the intrigues and interests of the Courts and Factions, which may lead to them waking up or stop them from doing so depending

[20:29] <+Bennett-Burks> yes

[20:29] <+Bennett-Burks> they do

[20:29] <+Bennett-Burks> but not without sacrifice.

[20:29] <+JacobPossin> Fighting dragons is really tough

[20:30] <+OmnusI> Are there a finite number of dragons?  Do you have a worst-case scenario?

[20:30] <+JacobPossin> I don’t think we listed a number. But One dragon can eat a whole pantheon of gods

[20:31] <+Bennett-Burks> there’s not a set number of dragons that we came up with, mainly it’s up the GM.  If you want to do something like Shadow of the Collosus (SP?) certainly you could set a specific number as what remains, and the PCs could try to destroy them all, would be really tough, but doable.

[20:31] <+JacobPossin> Worst case scenario is the end of all life everywhere, and then the guiants wake up and kill it all again

[20:31] <+Bennett-Burks> you could have the number remain unknown though

[20:31] <+Bennett-Burks> yep

[20:33] <~Dan> You say that the PCs are shapeshifting demigods… What sorts of things can they do?

[20:33] <+OmnusI> So how do the PCs travel out of The Cage?

[20:33] <+Bennett-Burks> do you want to take this one Jacob or should I?

[20:33] <~Dan> And do they come in specific varieties?

[20:33] <+JacobPossin> I can do it

[20:33] <+OmnusI> Pumpkin spice demigods this time of year

[20:33] <+JacobPossin> The Fated can do a number of things

[20:33] <+Bennett-Burks> cool, I’ll kick back

[20:34] <+JacobPossin> They have access to enhanced skill based magic

[20:34] <+JacobPossin> as well as elemental magic and summoning magic

[20:34] <+JacobPossin> Though they don’t have to have all of that

[20:35] <+JacobPossin> Also when they are in the Cage they are fairly mundane(unless they start swinging with magic)

[20:35] <+OmnusI> So no lifting busses?

[20:35] <+JacobPossin> when they are in the Far Off Land their stunts manifest as supernal powers

[20:35] <+JacobPossin> They can awaken their Fated nature in teh Cage if they need to but it isn’t second nature

[20:36] <+Bennett-Burks> and when they do, in the Cage, I could definitely imagine some lifting and throwing of busses (certainly the rules support it)

[20:36] <+JacobPossin> They are also the only beings who can do magic in the cage without waking the dragons

[20:37] <+Bennett-Burks> as far as how they travel through worlds, there’s some artifacts, but mainly it’s through “rabbit holes” which, link the worlds in the way the one in Alice In Wonderland does

[20:37] <+Bennett-Burks> worlds between the worlds…

[20:37] <+Bennett-Burks> as far as varieties, there’s 4 different elemental varieties that are standard, and we have rules (with some examples) of making more very easily

[20:37] <+OmnusI> Sounds a bit like Paradox from Mage.  So how does the feel change between the worlds?

[20:37] <+Bennett-Burks> so, if you want to add wood and metal for instance, not hard

[20:38] <+Crazy-Cabal> Hello all

[20:38] <+Bennett-Burks> well, though the Fated don’t have to worry about causing anything akin to paradox, other things do have to worry about hurting the world, but, that means dragons waking up hungry

[20:38] <+OmnusI> Hello CC

[20:38] <~Dan> (Howdy, Crazy-Cabal)

[20:38] <+Bennett-Burks> hi

[20:39] <+JacobPossin> To wlak between the worlds is somewhat like walking down the street and suddenly noticing another world in a puddle

[20:39] <+JacobPossin> you step in and you are standing on the other side.

[20:39] <+Bennett-Burks> as far as the change between worlds, there’s always a rabbit hole which exists kinda in both worlds, the two bleed together, when the Fated enter it they can choose whether to be in their human state or more fantastic state

[20:39] <+Bennett-Burks> yep

[20:39] <~Dan> (brb)

[20:39] <+JacobPossin> Or walking through an alley you have never seen before where the world becomes more bizarre and magical with each step

[20:39] <+Bennett-Burks> when they go from the rabbit hole to the Cage then they will be human-ish, and when the go from their to the Far Off Land they will be all magicy and demigod-like

[20:40] <+Bennett-Burks> hi Crazy-Cabal

[20:40] <+Bennett-Burks> let us know if you have any questions

[20:40] <+Bennett-Burks> doing a chat for A Far Off Land for Fate

[20:42] <+OmnusI> So why would anyone not want to be a supermagic demigod?  Why go to the Cage at all?

[20:43] <+JacobPossin> Well it is your home.

[20:43] <+Bennett-Burks> well, because almost all Fated are born there, and it would mean letting your home be destroyed

[20:43] <+Bennett-Burks> so there’s of course a lot of sentimentality, it also was the first world, so there’s a lot of hope to make it better and solve the problems it has

[20:43] <+Bennett-Burks> AND no one is sure that the other world will survive if the Cage is destroyed

[20:44] <+JacobPossin> Also, the different factions and such all want things from the Cage

[20:44] <+JacobPossin> Loads of artifacts and such are probably still hidden away

[20:44] <+Bennett-Burks> yep, it has that hidden magic, which Fated can tap into which is way powerful, but, it’s very bad if otherthings do likewise, so there’s a lot of “we want to keep other creatures off our turf”

[20:44] <+Bennett-Burks> Hi Guest91

[20:45] <+Bennett-Burks> oh indeed, shiny magical artifacts lying dormant from disuse, hidden in The Cage.

[20:45] <~Dan> (back, sorry)

[20:45] <+Bennett-Burks> but there are those who want to destroy The Cage that said

[20:45] <+Bennett-Burks> heya Dan

[20:45] <+OmnusI> So, legendry stuff like Excalibur?

[20:45] <+Bennett-Burks> quite possibly

[20:46] <+Bennett-Burks> magical artifacts can be found in either world.  They can potentially be more dangerous in The Cage if the wrong being uses them at least, but, they tend to not always be active.

[20:46] <+JacobPossin> Spear of Lugh, Tyrfing, Kusanagi, the Cornucopia

[20:46] <+JacobPossin> all sorts of things

[20:46] <+OmnusI> So who is breaking the cage?

[20:46] <+Bennett-Burks> the Falcon Cloak from Norse mythology is an example that is detailed in the book too

[20:47] <+Bennett-Burks> So, some of it is magical beings just drawn there like moths to a flame, but there’s also the Destroyers, who, are more or less an apocalyptic cult that believe that destroying the world as they know it will usher in some greater state of being, some new better world

[20:48] <+Bennett-Burks> That actually is a Faction the PCs can be in if they want

[20:48] <+Bennett-Burks> I had a player last night who almost joined up with them

[20:49] <+OmnusI> Do different factions get you different powers?

[20:50] <+Bennett-Burks> They don’t have different stunts or that sort of thing associated with them, though, I’m tempted to make some (thoughts on that Jacob?) but one of your Aspects must be devoted to Faction (or Court).

[20:50] <~Dan> What are some reason for the Fated to enter A Far Off Land?

[20:51] <~Dan> *reasons

[20:51] <+JacobPossin> I could see that, though with how flexible our magic system is I am not sure if it would be needed

[20:52] <+Bennett-Burks> So, one of the things we suggest in the GM’s section is that creatures might take something or someone from the Cage that actually belongs there back to the Far Off Land, and the players could pursue. Also some Fated belong to the Courts which will tend to mean having them doing lots of things for that Court to makes sure their interests in both worlds are

[20:52] <+JacobPossin> Dan the powerplayers who are seeking to alter the world all sort of dwell in teh Far Off Land. Plus it is cool and mythic and fantastical(I Hope)

[20:52] <+Bennett-Burks> served

[20:52] <+Bennett-Burks> yep. Plus, Fated are beings of both worlds, so, they wouldn’t really feel complete just living in one all the time

[20:53] <~Dan> (Howdy, Le_Squide)

[20:53] <+Bennett-Burks> and server pooped again

[20:53] <~Dan> wb

[20:53] <+OmnusI> wb

[20:53] <&Le_Squide> (Heya!)

[20:54] <+Bennett-Burks> hi Le_squide, we are doing a Fate chat, about A Far Off Land (Link:

[20:54] <+Bennett-Burks> you are welcome to ask Jacob and I any questions you’d like

[20:54] <+Bennett-Burks> I think I was in the middle of answering one, but then lost connection

[20:55] <+JacobPossin> I think you nailed it

[20:55] <+Bennett-Burks> thank you Jacob

[20:56] <+Bennett-Burks> wow, that hour and 1/2 is going by faster than I thought

[20:56] <+Bennett-Burks> well, hour and maybe 20 minutes anyhow

[20:56] <~Dan> Are there any obvious Big Bads in A Far Off Land?

[20:57] <+JacobPossin> Well there are the dragons

[20:57] <+JacobPossin> But their are also the remnants of the various pantheons

[20:57] <+Bennett-Burks> yes, the Giants and Dragons, but, also potentially rival Factions and Courts, but, those can be made sort of questionable villains, and potential allies as well

[20:57] <+Bennett-Burks> yep

[20:57] <+OmnusI> So,  how would a goblin-standard fight go in either world?

[20:58] <+JacobPossin> I don’t think I know that term

[20:58] <+Bennett-Burks> well, there are literal goblins, but they tend to be more Tricksters.  From what I’ve seen it works really well with these larger than life sort of battles, if you’ve seen anime fights, you know “powering up” is a big thing with those, and that’s precisely what Fated tend to do

[20:59] <+Bennett-Burks> BUT, you can catch them when they can’t power up, and that really raises the stakes

[20:59] <+JacobPossin> Goblins also know what you are going to do before you do it

[20:59] <+Bennett-Burks> but, epic throwing fireballs… calling down lightning, summoning monsters…. doing things with skills no human could (like running up buildings, jumping off of them, throwing cars, etc…)

[20:59] <+Bennett-Burks> potential for a lot of cleanup needed (since you don’t want people finding out, and when demigods do power up that’s tough!)

[21:00] <+Bennett-Burks> and yes, the Goblins really know stuff

[21:00] <~Dan> (Howdy, Tex)

[21:00] <+Bennett-Burks> hello Tex

[21:00] <+Tex> (howdy howdy)

[21:01] <+Bennett-Burks> Hi Tex, if you have any questions you are welcome to ask away, Jacob Possin and I are discussing Fate and our Kickstarter A Far Off Land

[21:02] <~Dan> Tex is one of our resident game authors. 🙂

[21:02] <+Bennett-Burks> ah, nice, what games?

[21:03] <+Tex> oh cool, let me check it out 🙂

[21:03] <+Tex> A game that’s going to print shortly (ie: within a few days): Shattered

[21:04] <+Bennett-Burks> posted it earlier, but unsure if you can see it (Link:

[21:04] <+Bennett-Burks> ah, a friend of mine introduced me to Shattered, he’s done some fan art for it

[21:04] <+Tex> oh cool 🙂

[21:05] <+Tex> I’m glad to hear it. Let me check out yours (thanks for the link!)

[21:05] <+Bennett-Burks> I’m actually going to be working on some with him too (I’m referring to Bear, Joseph Thomson)  no idea if you’d recall him since I’m unsure how active he’s been as far as fanboying out with Shattered

[21:05] <+Bennett-Burks> Sure!

[21:05] <+Bennett-Burks> and any questions are welcome

[21:05] <+Tex> ohhh BEAR. Yeah, good buddy of ours

[21:05] <+Bennett-Burks> cool

[21:06] <+Bennett-Burks> yeah, he’s in my games almost every week, great player

[21:06] <+Tex> one of our Devs (Pul) met him at KublaCon back in 2015. He actually has some official art in the book too

[21:06] <+Bennett-Burks> ah, nice.  He did a little art for something of mine I didn’t end up releasing, but, hopefully I’ll get to use it at some point

[21:06] <~Dan> Ordinarily I ask about how cinematic a game is, but it sounds like A Far Off Land is pretty darned cinematic.

[21:06] <+Bennett-Burks> yeah, it really is

[21:06] <+Bennett-Burks> and Fate really supports that super nicely

[21:07] <~Dan> How so?

[21:08] <+Bennett-Burks> so, part of it is that the system favors characters being able to walk away from some pretty crazy stuff, and even being taken out not necessarily being character death.  So that right there makes people seem superheroic if you take it to its full conclusion. But, also the way that how you define Aspects is so open ended means you can easily have something…

[21:08] <+Bennett-Burks> to represent the sort of epic superheroic godlike side of your character and make use of it

[21:09] <+Bennett-Burks> Fate CAN be used for characters more fragile, it’s pretty flexible, but it tends to, in my experience, shine more for characters that are not

[21:09] <+Bennett-Burks> that and the way combat flows… I haven’t analyzed it super hard, but, in play it tends to in my experience turn out that way

[21:12] * ~Dan nods

[21:12] <~Dan> Was the game designed with Fate in mind?

[21:12] <+OmnusI> The lack of hard crunch lets you float more cinematcally if you narrate it

[21:13] <+Bennett-Burks> it was, yes

[21:13] <+Bennett-Burks> Plus Fate is what Jacob and I have written the most for, and are very familiar with, and that always helps.  Though, I do think my next releases will likely be in OSR, USR, & or PbtA

[21:14] <~Dan> USR?

[21:14] <&Le_Squide> Are there any subsystems/uses of the fate fractcal you’re adding to the basic Fate system?

[21:14] <+Bennett-Burks> yes, magical artifacts definitely use the Fate Fractal

[21:14] <+Bennett-Burks> which is appropriate because some of them are very much characters in their own right, though, very simple versions

[21:15] <+Bennett-Burks> Some artifacts have personalities, all have some sort of need or desire involved in their usage, so those and their abilities are well represented by a few aspects and even extras or stunts (and sometimes skills)

[21:16] <&Le_Squide> Neat!

[21:16] <+Bennett-Burks> yeah, I’m thinking artifacts can be pretty fun

[21:16] <+Bennett-Burks> and also trouble!

[21:17] <+Tex> Bennet-Burks definitely an interesting world. You’ve got another backer from us. I wish you the best of luck and good night.

[21:17] <+Bennett-Burks> well thank you very much Tex, and I’ll have to keep an eye on Shattered too!

[21:17] <~Dan> Tex is good people.

[21:17] <+Bennett-Burks> indeed

[21:17] <+JacobPossin> As will I. I really dig Steampunk

[21:18] <+Bennett-Burks> yeah, I do too.  We have a little steampunk in Far Off Land for sure, but, it isn’t strictly speaking that

[21:18] <+Bennett-Burks> there’s a few steampunk games I’ve had my eye on

[21:19] <+Bennett-Burks> sadly not sure if I’ll get a chance to play or run them… but maybe

[21:19] <+JacobPossin> I have run a lot of steampunk games ove rthe years

[21:19] <+Bennett-Burks> nice

[21:19] <+Bennett-Burks> which ones?

[21:19] <~Dan> What steampunk aspects are there to A Far Off Land?

[21:19] <+JacobPossin> Zeppelins

[21:20] <+OmnusI> I’m out, thnks for the chat

[21:20] <~Dan> Take care!

[21:20] <+Bennett-Burks> So, we do have a magical steam airship as one of the artifacts with a nice writeup.  The sort of “will you go along with the Faction or Court that’s trying to use you to see their vision for the two worlds come to fruition or rebel” theme, which is generally a bit punk

[21:20] <+OmnusI> You too

[21:20] <+Bennett-Burks> good night OmnusI

[21:20] <+Bennett-Burks> thanks for joining us

[21:20] <+OmnusI> yw

[21:20] <+JacobPossin> night

[21:20] <+Bennett-Burks> some of the art is definitely on the steampunky side too

[21:21] <+Bennett-Burks> but it definitely doesn’t make it strictly steampunk… just… a bit of my influences, Jacob’s influences, and Gennifer Bone’s art choices showing in combination I think.

[21:22] <~Dan> What is the tech level in A Far Off Land (as opposed to the Cage)?

[21:23] <+JacobPossin> Its all over the place, but definitly preindustrial

[21:23] <+Bennett-Burks> yep

[21:23] <~Dan> Are there firearms, then?

[21:24] <+Bennett-Burks> we put some suggestion in there that tech of different levels works or doesn’t or works differently in different parts of the Far Off Land

[21:24] <+Bennett-Burks> yes, and they work to variable degrees

[21:24] <+Bennett-Burks> I keep wanting to writeup Oz, or somewhere, and have a bunch of crazy steampunky and Tesla style stuff

[21:24] <+Bennett-Burks> but, in Duat of the ancient Egyptian pantheon… those things might just not work

[21:26] <+Bennett-Burks> you could also use them in conjunction with your magic though, no reason you can’t say when you shoot a fireball it can’t be getting shot out of your firearm

[21:26] <~Dan> How many realms do you cover?

[21:26] <+Bennett-Burks> oooh, let me count

[21:26] <+Bennett-Burks> it’s a pretty good amount

[21:27] <+Bennett-Burks> looks like it’s about 8-10 larger areas, and some smattering of smaller ones

[21:28] <~Dan> Not bad at all.

[21:28] <~Dan> Do you include a bestiary?

[21:28] <+Bennett-Burks> Yes we do

[21:29] <+Bennett-Burks> we presently have a little over 10 different monsters (most in the bestiary but some are so tied to locations that currently we placed them there).  More will be added

[21:29] <+Bennett-Burks> and Backers have the option of having a monster of their design added if they pick a particular pledge

[21:29] <+Bennett-Burks> (this is assuming my count is right, I did it via a glance)

[21:32] <+Bennett-Burks> well, been going for about an hour 45 minutes or so, should we call it or?

[21:32] <~Dan> Well, first, is there anything we haven’t covered that you’d like to bring up?

[21:32] <+Bennett-Burks> hmm, Jacob?

[21:33] <+JacobPossin> I think we covered all the basics?

[21:33] <+Bennett-Burks> I think so as well

[21:33] <+Bennett-Burks> so I believe we are all good unless there’s anything else you’d like for us to cover

[21:34] <+Bennett-Burks> I’ll probably keep lurking on here after work from time to time, I suspect I get home too early to really participate in most of the chats sadly

[21:34] <+JacobPossin> I also can lurk for a while

[21:34] <~Dan> Excellent!

[21:35] <+Bennett-Burks> Thank you for having us Dan

[21:35] <+JacobPossin> indeed

[21:35] <~Dan> You’re very welcome!

[21:35] <~Dan> For those interest, you can support my Q&A efforts here: (Link:

[21:35] <~Dan> And if you’ll give me just a moment, I’ll get the log posted and link you!

[21:36] <+Bennett-Burks> great thank you!