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[Q&A] Jim Pinto (Praxis: Black Monk)


[19:29] <+jimpinto> hey. i’m jim. my game is black monk.

[19:29] <+jimpinto> good?

[19:29] <~Dan> Good enough!

[19:30] <~Dan> So what’s the game about? 🙂

[19:30] <+jimpinto> the game system is one of my gmless brainstorms.

[19:30] <+jimpinto> probably the best of them, though, if i’m honest

[19:30] <+jimpinto> i love playing praxis

[19:31] <+jimpinto> black monk is a weird love letter to neil gaimen

[19:31] <+jimpinto> a fantasy world where people live forever, but don’t know why

[19:31] <+jimpinto> i could honestly talk endlessly about black monk

[19:31] <+jimpinto> it’s my favorite world that i’ve ever come up with

[19:32] <+jimpinto> but it’s mostly about the characters and not the place, that makes it so special

[19:33] <~Dan> Now, did I read correctly that this is… 5 games in one?

[19:33] <+jimpinto> there’s already one game out in the black monk series

[19:33] <+jimpinto> and there’s five more coming

[19:34] <+jimpinto> the five new games are all set in different parts of the world

[19:34] <+jimpinto> with new characters in each

[19:34] <+jimpinto> unlike D&D or whatever

[19:34] <+jimpinto> you would play a FIGHTER and you have unlimited options of how to depict that FIGHTER

[19:34] <+jimpinto> there’s no artificial tropes like that in black monk

[19:35] <+jimpinto> the characters all have rich backgrounds

[19:35] <+jimpinto> and because of the ‘short character creation process,’ there’s a lot of replay value, even if you play the belltower watcher six times

[19:36] <+jimpinto> par examplé

[19:37] <+jimpinto> if you go to the kickstarter page, you can see a sample character sheet for the bloodletter

[19:37] <~Dan> (Welcome to #rpgnet, Alelsa!)

[19:37] <+jimpinto> it gives you an idea how specific the characters are

[19:37] <+jimpinto> while offering choices WITHIN the framework

[19:37] <+Alelsa> (thank you!)

[19:38] <~Dan> ( Alelsa: Here for the Q&A?)

[19:38] <+Alelsa> (yes 🙂 )

[19:38] <~Dan> (Excellent. Fire away with questions!)

[19:38] <+jimpinto> (should i be talking in parentheses, too?)

[19:39] <~Dan> (Nah, that just indicates an aside unrelated to the Q&A. 🙂 )

[19:39] <~Dan> jimpinto: Can you link us to the Kickstarter?

[19:40] <+jimpinto> (Link:

[19:41] <~Dan> How far down is the sample character

[19:41] <~Dan> ?

[19:41] <+jimpinto> about half-way

[19:41] <+jimpinto> i think

[19:41] <+jimpinto> it’s called the bloodletter

[19:41] <~Dan> Ah, here it is.

[19:41] <+jimpinto> after the first five games, just under gameplay

[19:42] <~Dan> Looking it over here…

[19:43] <+Alelsa> jimpinto: What was your inspiration for the game world, and is it something you’ve been developing for a while?

[19:43] <+jimpinto> oh man. i’m going to look like an idiot here.

[19:44] <+Alelsa> (ping, achievement earned)

[19:44] <+jimpinto> when i was doing the original kickstarter for praxis, i came up with a game about gods, undead, scifi, and i needed a fantasy game

[19:44] * ~Dan chuckles

[19:45] <+jimpinto> and i talked with a friend about it and i said, i want to do something where people are all trapped somewhere, instead of the standard “adventure” game that’s every other fantasy game.

[19:45] <+jimpinto> he started pitching me these weird character classes. and i compiled a list.

[19:45] <+jimpinto> the language of that list started to resonate with me. and i kept adding to it

[19:46] <+jimpinto> eventually i had a list of these 30 weird character classes like pain merchant, saint of needles, red pope, mime, barber, idolator, rat catcher, and so on.

[19:46] <+jimpinto> the ideas just kept coming

[19:46] <+jimpinto> then, while taking a break, i read some anton chekhov, like all game designers do

[19:46] <+jimpinto> and he had a short story about a figure named the black monk

[19:47] <+jimpinto> bolt of lightning

[19:47] <+jimpinto> and the rest sort of came out from there

[19:47] <+jimpinto> i just picked 7 of the 30 and wrote a game about them

[19:47] <+jimpinto> but those names sat on this pad of paper on my desk and about six months later, i started writing game 2 and 3 and 4

[19:47] <+jimpinto> before i knew it, i had all these different pieces of the world

[19:50] <+jimpinto> so there’s five different locations in the black monk world (solstice) and all of these locations have very different relationships with the black monk

[19:50] <+jimpinto> so

[19:50] <+jimpinto> it’s all purposely obtuse and out of sync

[19:51] <~Dan> Now, what is Praxis?

[19:51] <+jimpinto> the game system that all these games use

[19:51] <+jimpinto> it’s about the best game GMless game system out there

[19:51] <+jimpinto> and i don’t care who disagrees 🙂

[19:52] <~Dan> Heh. 🙂

[19:52] <~Dan> Can you describe the system?

[19:52] <+jimpinto> seriously. ask anyone who has played it. it’s so simple and elegant, you may wonder WHY DIDN’T ANYONE DO THIS BEFORE?

[19:52] <+jimpinto> it uses the scene framing terminology from protocol, which formalizes scene types

[19:52] <+jimpinto> a vignette and ensemble are completely different scene types

[19:53] <+jimpinto> ergo, the people playing must adjust what they are doing when directing one vs. the other

[19:53] <+jimpinto> which leads to dynamic storytelling instead of the some of the flat games you get using something else

[19:53] <+jimpinto> like any GMless game, you are the director on your “turn”

[19:54] <+jimpinto> and you decide what kind of scene you want (from your list) and what it’s about

[19:54] <+jimpinto> if you choose an interlude, you decide which two characters are in that scene

[19:55] <+jimpinto> you get the scene started, but you don’t put words in the other characters mouths

[19:55] <+jimpinto> from there, you roleplaying, like you would any game

[19:55] <+jimpinto> and in praxis, you get to ONE big action in a scene.

[19:55] <+jimpinto> and it’s either harmful, beneficial, or world-changing

[19:55] <+jimpinto> and you roll on a chart specific to the action you are taking

[19:56] <+jimpinto> the die roll either leads to milestone or trepidation

[19:56] <+jimpinto> and of course, every character class has special abilities

[19:57] <+jimpinto> which impact dice, scene-framing, drama points, the entire megillah

[19:58] <+jimpinto> (quiet today)

[19:58] <+Alelsa> jimpinto: Simple and Elegant, I like those. Kinda like Savage Worlds? I love that. (can we buy this already? where can we buy it?)

[19:58] <~Dan> (Howdy, Woo)

[19:58] <+jimpinto> the first game is on dtrpg

[19:58] <+jimpinto> for sale

[19:58] <+jimpinto> in fact

[19:58] <~Dan> What is the dice rolling mechanic?

[19:58] <+jimpinto> you roll 2d6 for anything

[19:59] <+jimpinto> but you can roll more dice by spending drama points

[19:59] <+jimpinto> up 5

[19:59] <+jimpinto> roll

[19:59] <+jimpinto> total them up

[19:59] <+jimpinto> and check them against the 0-5-10-20 chart

[19:59] <~Dan> (Howdy, crypto)

[19:59] <+jimpinto> there’s only four levels of success and the chart tells you everything you need

[19:59] <+crypto> Hello, Dan.

[20:00] <+jimpinto> i use 5-10-20 for a lot of different designs, but it’s always implemented a little differently

[20:00] <~Dan> How are ability levels rated?

[20:00] <+jimpinto> what do you mean?

[20:00] <~Dan> I mean, is there a mechanic for determining how good a given PC is at a given task?

[20:01] <+jimpinto> nope

[20:01] <+jimpinto> this isn’t that kind of game

[20:01] <+jimpinto> some characters have abilities that say, you gain an advantage (+1 die) when trying to harm others. other abilities may give you more drama points to start.

[20:01] <+jimpinto> the list goes on

[20:01] <+xyphoid> so each subgame has its own set of playbooks? how many?

[20:01] <+jimpinto> the game isn’t about BEING STRONG and getting bonuses to smash things

[20:02] <+jimpinto> rather, how important is this moment to you right now

[20:02] <+jimpinto> if it’s really important, spend more drama points

[20:02] <+jimpinto> xyphoid, there are six character classes in each game, plus expansion characters if you want to purchase those

[20:03] <+jimpinto> dan, to answer your abilities question further, there are 3 abilities for each character class. and there are now somewhere around 35 character classes across the books

[20:04] <+jimpinto> those roughly 100 abilities do not duplicate

[20:04] <+xyphoid> this kind of game tends to have a campaign legnth where it’s best – either one-off, very short, longer, etc

[20:04] <+jimpinto> and the dynamism from play stems from asymmetric characters

[20:04] <+xyphoid> where’d best for this one?

[20:04] <+jimpinto> one-shot game

[20:04] <+jimpinto> 3-4 hours

[20:04] <+Alelsa> jimpinto: is the setting easily adaptable to other rules?  Like SW or Pathfinder?  If we had an existing game we wanted to drop it into?

[20:04] <+xyphoid> so ideally you’d do what, a series of one shots using the books sequentially?

[20:04] <+xyphoid> nice

[20:05] <+jimpinto> yeah. i would love to do an all day marathon of all 6 games

[20:05] <+jimpinto> the most i’ve done in one day is 3

[20:05] <+xyphoid> sounds like a fun thing to offer at a convention haha

[20:05] <+jimpinto> yeah. i tried that once. but people don’t want to dedicate 12 hours to one thing.

[20:06] <+xyphoid> you don’t reuse a character from game to game?

[20:06] <+jimpinto> no

[20:06] <+jimpinto> each game has it’s own set of characters

[20:06] <+jimpinto> living in a unique problem

[20:06] <+jimpinto> for instance, in game 1, everyone fears the black monk

[20:07] <+jimpinto> and the entire session’s tension is wondering when he’s coming back

[20:07] <+Alelsa> jimpinto: So more like watching a “play of the week” thing like the Twilight Zone than an episodic TV series?

[20:07] <+jimpinto> but in game 2, everyone knows the black monk

[20:08] <+jimpinto> and they talk to him whenever he comes around

[20:08] <+jimpinto> in game 3, they’ve never heard of the black monk

[20:08] <+xyphoid> do events from one figure into the next?

[20:08] <+xyphoid> (as in the choices you make?)

[20:08] <+jimpinto> so each environment has a completely different set of people with stories and options befitting their struggle.

[20:08] <+jimpinto> it’s about as customized a game world as one could ever make

[20:09] <+jimpinto> imagine a harn book where each nation has a limited list of character classes

[20:09] <+jimpinto> and you’ll never have a cleric from there

[20:09] <+jimpinto> alelsa, yeah. that’s not a bad example.

[20:09] <+jimpinto> xyphoid. they do not. but there’s no reason you can’t do that.

[20:09] <+jimpinto> i’m working on an omnibus. maybe i can offer that as a detail.

[20:10] <+Alelsa> (I worked on an omnibus once, but got fired for missing the stops)

[20:11] * ~Dan chuckles

[20:11] <~Dan> What takes place in a typical adventure (if that’s the proper term)?

[20:12] * +crypto chuckles sensibly

[20:12] <+jimpinto> (groans internally)

[20:13] <+jimpinto> dan. most of the game sessions feel like a three-issue sandman story.

[20:13] <~Dan> (Welcome to #rpgnet, jmg3363!)

[20:13] <+jimpinto> people go about their lives, dealing with their fears, and someone does something to ratchet up the drama.

[20:13] <+xyphoid> 96 page book – is that per game or for the lot?

[20:13] <+jimpinto> without giving away my design trade secrets, dan, i’m very good at designing settings and scenarios where the drama unfolds instantly

[20:14] <~Dan> (Welcome to #rpgnet, Radrat!)

[20:14] <+jimpinto> 96-pages per game

[20:14] <+Radrat> Sup?

[20:14] <+xyphoid> how does that work in a gmless setup – like that’s a lot of stuff that often only one person will read right?

[20:14] <~Dan> (Radrat: Here for the Q&A?)

[20:14] <+jimpinto> xyphoid. not so much in praxis.

[20:15] <+Radrat> Yes Dan.

[20:15] <~Dan> (Radrat: Ask away! 🙂 )

[20:15] <+Alelsa> (there’s not so much of praxis anyway, didn’t it explode? nm, that was the Klingon moon….)

[20:15] <+jimpinto> there’s a short intro about the world. people pick characters. everyone introduces themselves. chooses a name. figures out an objective and relationships to others. they answer one of two questions on their sheet about the world around them. and they are ready to play.

[20:15] <+jimpinto> everyone is there, building the environment.

[20:15] <+jimpinto> everyone has a say

[20:16] <+jimpinto> and things that aren’t nailed down, get nailed down as the game goes on.

[20:16] <+jimpinto> it’s anti-forgotten realms

[20:16] <+jimpinto> there are key milestone moments in the story (each book is different), but anyone can read them.

[20:17] <+jimpinto> it’s very different from a lot of GMless games where someone essentially moderates

[20:17] <+xyphoid> ah cool, so you do use the book midgame?

[20:17] <+xyphoid> not just the playbooks?

[20:17] <+jimpinto> right

[20:18] <+jimpinto> the playbooks have 99% of what you need

[20:18] <+jimpinto> but the milestone charts and some sample NPCs (optional) are in the book to help you along

[20:18] <+Radrat> How many sessions could you get out of one Praxis story?

[20:19] <+jimpinto> i’ve played praxis: black monk about 12 times

[20:19] <+jimpinto> and i’ve played praxis: odin’s eye about 20 times

[20:19] <+jimpinto> the average person can expect to get about 6 to 8 plays with the same group

[20:19] <+jimpinto> but if you mix it up, the game has immense replay value

[20:20] <+Radrat> What helps to keep the game fresh?

[20:20] <+jimpinto> the set up questions, the relationship chart

[20:20] <+jimpinto> the objectives

[20:20] <+jimpinto> a single character has 4 different objectives and 4 different relationships (randomly chosen)

[20:21] <+Radrat> Do characters advance? Or grow.

[20:21] <+jimpinto> if i’m the belltower watcher and i choose the fireman to have a relationship the first time i play, and the prisoner the second time i play and i get the same result both times, it’s still going to be a vastly different relationship

[20:21] <+jimpinto> advance. no. grow. yes.

[20:22] <+jimpinto> it’s possible to get a second or third ability during play. but it’s rare. and almost always at the end of play.

[20:22] <+jimpinto> but everyone “changes” over the course of the game

[20:23] <+Radrat> Can characters die?

[20:23] <+jimpinto> yes

[20:24] <+Radrat> Does that mean I have to make a beer run?

[20:24] <+jimpinto> sadly. yes.

[20:24] <+Radrat> Or can I play a different character?

[20:24] <+jimpinto> no.

[20:25] <+Alelsa> jimpinto: Do you have, like, a big Black Monk setting book for all of this somewhere? What I’m seeing looks kinda neat, but I want to know all about the world and what else there is. (I collect setting books like some people collect stamps. Do people still collect stamps? Why am I asking about stamps? I don’t care about stamps, tell me about Black Monk)

[20:25] <+jimpinto> a new character disrupts the setup you’ve spent the first 20 minutes building.

[20:25] <+jimpinto> alelsa, no i don’t. that’s a long-term project, though.

[20:26] <+jimpinto> i intend an omnibus, but the game is about the characters and not so much the world. so it won’t be in depth about forests and taverns.

[20:26] <+Alelsa> yay, ima gonna adapt this to SW or something I think. And play the individual books too, but I want a long-term campaign out of this thing.

[20:26] <+jimpinto> another game is coming called solstice, eventually, and that will cover some of the world, too.

[20:26] <+xyphoid> hah you sold me but man, this feels like one of those please don’t explain all the corners of the world kind of setups

[20:27] <+jimpinto> right

[20:27] <+jimpinto> i would never explain all the corners of anything i design

[20:27] <+jimpinto> i like gaps

[20:27] <+Alelsa> (me too, otherwise I’d have nowhere to put new books on the shelves)

[20:27] <+Alelsa> (and this looks like im getting new books!)

[20:28] <+xyphoid> the tone sounds like unsettling dream logic – is that consistent throughout or do you go to different places per-book?

[20:28] <+jimpinto> i highly recommend the pdf on dtrpg

[20:28] <+jimpinto> it’s on sale right now because of halloween

[20:29] <+jimpinto> xyphoid, it is unsettling dream logic. each of the books goes to a different place inside the solstice world. but nothing drastically different.

[20:29] <+jimpinto> game 1 is a generic village. game 4 is inside a monestary.

[20:29] <+jimpinto> there’s no map telling you where they are located from one another

[20:29] <+xyphoid> oh yeah i meant different tones sorry, not physical places

[20:29] <~Dan> (wb, Radrat)

[20:29] <+jimpinto> yes. the tones are different.

[20:29] <+jimpinto> game 5 is drastically different from the rest

[20:30] <+jimpinto> game 2 is the weirdest

[20:30] <+jimpinto> game 4 feels absolutely hopeless

[20:31] <+Alelsa> (I’m not seeing a sale 😦 it says $9.95 on the pdf. Did the halloween sale finish?)

[20:32] <+jimpinto> oh. i guess it did.

[20:32] <+jimpinto> sorry.

[20:32] <+jimpinto> it was $7 yesterday.

[20:32] <+Alelsa> (crying)

[20:32] <+jimpinto> (stands by awkwardly, not offering comfort)

[20:32] <+Radrat> Can you mix and match characters between Black Monk games?

[20:32] <+jimpinto> you can. i don’t recommend it. but you can.

[20:33] <+Alelsa> (they said that about the tyres on my omnibus, too)

[20:34] <+crypto> (you can use one less tire on the dual axles, as well)

[20:34] <+Alelsa> (!!!)

[20:34] <+Radrat> Are you planning any video, walkthroughs? Or would you welcome others posting videos?

[20:34] <+jimpinto> radrat. if you play a character from game 5 who is trying to rebuild tower defenses in game 1 which is a pastoral village, it won’t sync up like you’d want it to

[20:34] <+jimpinto> but it’s doable

[20:34] <+jimpinto> yes and yes

[20:35] <+jimpinto> i paid a lot of money for art of people sitting around a table

[20:35] <+jimpinto> and i’m going to use that for a visual walkthrough

[20:36] <~Dan> Can you give an overview of the five areas of the world you cover?

[20:37] <+jimpinto> i can

[20:37] <+jimpinto> the first game is a quaint little town, where people deliver milk and children sing songs.

[20:37] <+jimpinto> the first game is set in a pastoral village, where the belltower watches constantly for the black monk’s return

[20:38] <+jimpinto> the second game is set in a busy village where people work and go about their business

[20:38] <+jimpinto> the third game is set on the edge of the thornwood, a place with a monster that keeps them at bay (like the movie the village)

[20:39] <+jimpinto> the fourth game is set in a monestary with an ancient vault no one is supposed to go into

[20:39] <+jimpinto> the fifth game is set in a keep, where people are getting ready to kill the black monk

[20:39] <+jimpinto> the sixth game is a secret until i announce it to backers

[20:40] <+Radrat> Wow..

[20:40] <+Radrat> Yeah, I like the progression.

[20:40] <+jimpinto> yeah. it works really well if you play in order.

[20:41] <+jimpinto> each is a deeper glimpse into the suffering of the people of solstice

[20:42] <+jimpinto> and not in a cheeky way a teenager writes about angst

[20:42] <+jimpinto> a lot of thought goes into designing these characters

[20:42] <+jimpinto> the mime is based up on the works of numerous french philosophers, for instance

[20:42] <+Radrat> And players could choose some aspects of the setting that they may want to carry forward. K

[20:42] <+jimpinto> i don’t pull back the veil on all of this

[20:42] <+jimpinto> but that one has been discussed online before

[20:42] <+jimpinto> so

[20:43] <+jimpinto> know going in, i’m not just slapping action figures together from six different toy lines and making them kiss for my amusement

[20:43] <+Alelsa> (the kickstarter says ponies! I want a pony)

[20:44] <+Radrat> I think I already own that game.

[20:44] <+jimpinto> (Link:

[20:44] <+Alelsa> (omg thank you)

[20:46] <~Dan> What can you tell us about the Black Monk himself (itself?)?

[20:46] <+jimpinto> not really. he’s purposely mysterious.

[20:47] <+jimpinto> i never reveal what’s truly going on in these six games.

[20:47] <+jimpinto> the point was to create something that made gamers stop and say, “damn. i’ve never played THAT before.”

[20:47] <+jimpinto> and if i offer up who he really is and what’s at stake, it becomes something to solve, rather than something to savor

[20:48] <+Radrat> When do you anticipate fullfilling the Kickstarter?

[20:49] <+jimpinto> immediately

[20:49] <+jimpinto> worst case scenario, xmas

[20:49] <+jimpinto> the 6th game and omnibus would be a while, though

[20:49] <+Radrat> ^*^  $$$

[20:49] <+Alelsa> jimpinto: So it’s already written?

[20:49] <+jimpinto> everything but the sample NPCs and vignettes

[20:50] <+jimpinto> and i’m doing those this weekend

[20:51] <+jimpinto> i am still waiting on two pieces of art for game 5

[20:51] <+Radrat> Can you give just one example of an npc?

[20:51] <+Alelsa> jimpinto: ugh, freelancers, amirite?

[20:51] <+jimpinto> sure

[20:51] <+jimpinto> let me dig one up

[20:51] <+Alelsa> (a freelancer? Oh, an example)

[20:51] <+Radrat> Lol

[20:52] <+Alelsa> (you’re late with the art! smack, and six feet under before you know it)

[20:52] <+Radrat> I’m ashamed to say what my freelancer did for a klondike bar.

[20:52] <+Alelsa> :-O

[20:53] <+jimpinto> ropemaker tanna Tanna is a simple woman, who works at the center of Elysia. She works and sleeps inside the same shop, producing a large spool of rope every week… if such a measure of time still exists. Tanna speaks in simple, short sentences. Her thought process is not complicated, nor does she require much more than a meal of mule-flesh everyday. She is con

[20:53] <~Dan> (Cut off at “She is con”)

[20:53] <+jimpinto> ented, in a place where contentment is nearly impossible. Randomly determine which character has a thoughtlessly cruel relationship with Ropemaker Tanna.

[20:54] <+Alelsa> (you weren’t kidding about the suffering part)

[20:55] <+Radrat> Whoa. I like how that ties directly in to character involvement.

[20:55] <+Alelsa> (and thoughtlessly cruel, like telling me there was a sale 😦 )

[20:55] <~Dan> You mentioned a monster in one of the games. Are monsters common in this world?

[20:55] <+Alelsa> (he’s a monster, for telling me there was a sale! (just kidding) )

[20:55] <~Dan> 😀

[20:56] <+jimpinto> dan, there are roughly 7 monsters out of 40 characters

[20:56] <+jimpinto> all of which are playable

[20:56] <~Dan> Oh? What are they?

[20:56] <+jimpinto> mostly, though, the horror is living in a place where time doesn’t mean anything

[20:57] <+jimpinto> the monster become physical metaphors of their own stories

[20:57] <+Alelsa> (it meant something to the sale expiry, obviously 😛 )

[20:57] <+jimpinto> the green manalishi deals with issues of greed, for example

[20:57] <+Alelsa> (sorry, ill behave)

[20:58] <+jimpinto> there’s a homunculus, a harpy, a thornwood beast, a gargouille, um

[20:58] <+jimpinto> now you’re making me look it up

[20:58] <~Dan> I’m mean that way sometimes.

[20:58] <+Alelsa> (a cruel game designer promising sales?)

[20:58] <+jimpinto> and a golem

[20:59] <+jimpinto> plus the green manalishi i mentioned above

[20:59] <+jimpinto> the harpy is already available online as an add-on to any black monk game

[21:01] <+jimpinto> once the kickstarter is over, the monsters will be uploaded to dtrpg as add-on characters

[21:01] <+jimpinto> none of them come with the games

[21:01] <+jimpinto> but backers get them for free is the stretch goals are hit

[21:02] <+jimpinto> *if

[21:04] <~Dan> How do the monster characters interact with the human characters?

[21:04] <+Alelsa> (omnomnomnom?)

[21:04] <+jimpinto> seamlessly

[21:04] <+jimpinto> they are trapped in the world with them

[21:05] <+jimpinto> it’s not an entry in the monster manual

[21:05] <+jimpinto> where you get XP for killing it

[21:05] <+jimpinto> admittedly, it makes the games weirder, but it works

[21:06] <~Dan> So humans just take monsters in stride?

[21:06] <+jimpinto> that’s up to them

[21:06] <+jimpinto> 🙂

[21:06] <~Dan> Fair enough!

[21:07] <+Alelsa> (monsters can be friends!)

[21:07] <+Alelsa> (at least they dont tell you theres a sale on when there isnt)

[21:08] <~Dan> What other games are there in the Praxis line?

[21:09] <+jimpinto> odin’s eye is a sci fi search and rescue game, with a strange rendezvous with rama vibe

[21:09] <+jimpinto> of the flesh is a game about being undead and trying to become human again

[21:10] <+jimpinto> king of storms is about descendents of the gods trying to become the ruler of heaven

[21:10] <+jimpinto> the lambs was only available to backers, so it doesn’t matter what it was about 🙂

[21:11] <+xyphoid> sci fi search and rescue you say

[21:11] <+Alelsa> (woah, eclectic with a capital “ec”)

[21:11] <+xyphoid> i’ve been passive aggressively whining that nobody’s written a sf S&R game before

[21:11] <+xyphoid> WELP

[21:11] <+jimpinto> xyphoid. i wrote a protocol game called joan of arc. sci fi search and rescue. it’s one of the best sellers in that line. it only made sense to do a variant storyline with a similar idea.

[21:12] <+Alelsa> jimpinto: whats a protocol game?

[21:12] <+jimpinto> it’s another game series i designed

[21:13] <+jimpinto> GMless, but more akin to a script-writing tool for story creation

[21:13] <+jimpinto> you draw poker cards and they tell you what kind of scene you’re doing and what it’s about.

[21:14] <+Alelsa> (found it on rpgnow. O.o you made a lot of these)

[21:14] <+xyphoid> well that’s me sorted for the rpg con coming up

[21:14] <~Dan> In the time remaining, is there anything we haven’t covered that you’d like to bring up?

[21:15] <+jimpinto> i honestly love making games that are outside the normal paradigm

[21:15] <+jimpinto> i have zero interest in making things that have already been done

[21:16] <+jimpinto> if people walk away feeling something… anything… i’d be alright with that

[21:16] <+jimpinto> that’s all i’ve got

[21:16] <+Alelsa> (I feel unhappy I missed the sale, lol)

[21:17] <+Alelsa> (not that you’d know, im keeping very quiet about it)

[21:17] <+xyphoid> well you sold me a game just the wrong one

[21:17] <+xyphoid> whoops

[21:17] <+jimpinto> (i appreciate your reserved comportment)

[21:17] <+jimpinto> joan of arc?

[21:17] <~Dan> Thanks very much, jimpinto!

[21:17] <+jimpinto> odin’s eye?

[21:17] <+jimpinto> thanks, dan

[21:18] <~Dan> Usual reminder: Those wishing to back my Q&A series can do so at (Link:

[21:18] <+xyphoid> reading odin’s eye now yeah haha

[21:18] <~Dan> Howdy, ChadDubya

[21:18] <+ChadDubya> hey Dan

[21:18] <~Dan> If you’ll give me just a moment here, I’ll get the log posted and link you!